Seminars                I am available for seminars at your convention or Club. 

                                Topics include:

                                                Sales Makers System

                                                Conducting the Tour, Qualifying questions & over-coming objections

                                                How to penetrate the elusive Corporate Market

                                                Unique Promotions to attract Prospects

                                                Mind Mapping your Marketing Plan

                                Basically, any topic on Sales & Marketing.

TryAll                   We are available to conduct an on-site three-day consultation at your Club.

An initial review of your marketing is conducted, followed by three seminars personalized for your Club. 

A six-month Action Plan is then prepared.

Full Agreement       I visit your Club three days a month for a minimum term of 6 months. 

During this Agreement we work hands-on with the owner, managers and sales staff customizing the Sales Makers system for your Club.  Hiring, training, managing your Sales staff to achieve a minimum improvement of 20% gross revenue.  Once this goal has been achieved - a bonus is paid to Sales Makers.

Pre-Sales                This is a variation of the Full Agreement, where we assist you in setting up your New Club.

The emphasis is on the Sales & Marketing - but, we can also conduct feasibility studies, staff hiring and training, assist with procuring anything needed to build and design your Club utilizing our numerous contacts - often saving you much, much more than we actually cost.

The first 999 members are free, with a bonus upon achievement of 1,000 members (before you open) and an ongoing bonus on each individual member sold thereafter.


        Our current record is selling out a UK Club with 2,200 members; 5 weeks before opening. 

        and 3,200 members in Colosseum Park, Oslo - Norway; before opening.

                                                                                                                                              Can we set a new record with you?

Tele-marketing         I’m also available for tele-marketing over the phone and/or Internet.

Webinars               We’re currently preparing a series of Webinars 

We expect to be announcing dates and topics in the near future.