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co-founded Sales Makers in 1979, which evolved into Sales Makers International with our first European clients ‘t.h.e. Gym / Just 4 kids’ and ‘Sports Club Stockholm’ in 1989.

Relocating to the UK in 1995 completed the International metamorphosis.

Sales Makers has been acknowledged by IHRSA as one of twenty companies that has stimulated the growth of the Fitness Industry globally with our sales style of “Aggressive Hospitality“.              This resulted in the presentation of the IHRSA 2001 Associate Member of the Year award.

The core business of Sales Makers is increasing the profitability of Clubs (Dining, Fitness, Leisure Centres & Golf) by increasing and retaining more members – thus the byline, “Membership Specialists“.

Our Client list reads like a who's who in the Industry - both in the US and Europe. Over 900 clubs have engaged Sales Makers during our career. References provided upon request only.

Doug’s speaking engagements include: 

Countless IHRSA conventions, IHRSA EU Congress,  NERSA, MACMA, Club Industry – National and Regional, SAFE (Sweden), SAFS (Switzerland), Bodylife (UK, Sweden, Germany & Singapore), LIW & FIA (England), Gymtec (Finland), NTF (Norway), DFHO (Denmark), EFAA (Netherlands), Il Nuovo Forum (Italy), Fit Style (Poland), FTIO (Turkey), Kuwait and Australia.